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When it comes to pressure washing in Fairbanks AK you must have heard of Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall. If not, let us  introduce our service right away. Pressure washing is a great method used for fast and safe cleaning. The power of  a directed jet of water must not be underestimated. We use the pressure washing method to remove old, peeling paint from your walls or building exterior. Using this technique will prepare the surfaces for the painting process.

Call us for pressure washing in Fairbanks AKPressure washing is not only used when you want to remove old paint. It is an excellent way to remove mold and dirt from the entire house. Our competent drywall contractor will advise you not to use pressure washing near your drywall, because the water may damage it. In order for everything to be done right, you better hire Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall. We will use the right chemicals to soften the old finish and a pressure washer to complete the cleaning process. If you are interested in working with a professional contractor, you can contact us at (907) 488-9540.

When you choose our company, we will send you our specialists. They will make an estimate on your property and check the condition of your paint. Then we will decide if pressure washing is the proper method for removing the coating. This is important, because we have to prepare the right chemicals that will help us in our work. If you only need to remove the dirt and mold from the exterior of your home, the time needed to complete the work will be shorter. Give us a call at (907) 488-9540 and we will start your project as soon as possible.

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