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Parking lot striping is a tiring and time wasting process. During parking lot striping money, time and manpower are spent. Covering a parking lot of a mall or airport can take days to get the job done. Parking lot striping also requires precise measurements and planning. If you need the painting job to be done right, first time, call Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall. We are real professionals with more than 30 years of experience.

We are parking lot striping service provider in Fairbanks AKIn order to prepare the place for parking lot striping, we are first going to undertake a complete pressure washing. A professional contractor should be hired to take care of the task instead of you. This way you will ensure better results and a job completed on time. Let Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall help you with your project. We have years of experience, knowledge and skills in planning and preparation, which are needed to complete every project successfully. We will measure the place and calculate the right size and position of the stripes. This will make the work faster and the striping will be completed on time.

Regardless of the size of the parking lot striping work, the budget you have, and the time frame needed for such tasks, Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall is ready for your project. Our prices are very affordable when compared with other local service providers. We work fast and precisely to deliver results in a timely manner so your business will not be slowed down. Contact us right away at (907) 488-9540 for more information on our parking lot striping services in Fairbanks AK.

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