Drywall installation mistakes can be avoided by hiring a contractor

Installing drywall will leave your walls looking better. The work of a drywall contractor is not only to install drywall. If you need some repairs, you can call (907) 488-9540. We, at Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall, can fix every crack and there will be no sign left that there was a defect. Because drywall is made of plaster or wood pulp, it is easier for the painting contractors to apply beautiful colors on it. A drywall contractor is a great specialist when you need to remove the old paint or wallpaper. The process is very specific and requires special tools and skills. If you want to change the existing wallpaper without destroying the drywall, contact Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall at (907) 488-9540.

Our drywall contractor is ready to help you, if you need our servicesWe, at Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall, also provide fast and precise parking lot striping. If you are the owner of a shop and need to change the drywall, you can contact us. Our drywall contractor will take care of your project and offer you excellent parking lot striping to complete the look of your property.

There are lots of mistakes that can be made by homeowners, if they do not have any experience in hanging drywall. Measuring everything before starting a job is a key factor to the success of your project. If you want to be sure that everything will be completed on time and will last, you need a drywall contractor. With over 30 years of experience our company is well recognized in Fairbanks AK. Our customers know that if they need a reliable drywall contractor, they can contact Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall at (907) 488-9540.

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