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Your home reflects your style and personality. A beautiful new coat of paint is something that shows how much you care about your property. If your building is commercial, by refreshing the colors you will show your clients that you are taking care of their interests like you do for your property. We, at Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall, are professional technicians when it comes to painting. When you hire Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall you can rest assured that you will receive the services of an experienced painter. Our work is always detail-oriented because we strive to achieve the greatest results possible. Our painting reputation is based on over 30 years of experience in Fairbanks AK.

Our projects vary from commercial parking lot striping to hanging drywall. One of the things that make us professionals is that we pay lots of attention to the preparation before the painting work. We use incredible pressure washing techniques to remove the old paint or just to clear the surface. If you want quality results, there must be no dirt or mold left. Applying a new coat of paint requires attention to the details. It is important to have a clear surface before starting the work. There must be no holes or bumps because every defect will ruin the result.

Our painter will never disappoint youA good time to hire a reputable painter is when you are installing drywall. You can contact an awesome drywall contractor at Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall. After your project is completed, you are going to need a specialist with the proper equipment and experience at painting drywall. Give us a call at (907) 488-9540 and your problems will be solved. There is no need to search for different contractors, when you can get all the services you need in one place. Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall is a reliable service provider in Fairbanks AK and the area. Our services are budget-friendly and our employees are real experts.

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My friends have installed drywall in their home and I really like the result. For my project, I hired a drywall contractor from Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall. The work was completed really quick. After the installation, my drywall was painted by the same company. Now when I have guests, they always ask me for the number of the contractor. I think this speaks a lot for the work of Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall.

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Choose the colors and the painting work will beginCovering the interior or exterior of your home with beautiful colors is something we are good at. We, at Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall,can think outside of the box and can try different effects if that is what you need. We understand that some people wish to have extraordinary colors on their walls. Using more than one color for your room can be a very fun idea. Starting from the bottom to the top, we can use darker to lighter colors. This will create a nice gradient that is not very common. Something that really matters is the finish or finishes. Our painters can give you a choice between flat, eggshell and glossy. If you have questions about these finishes, you are free to ask. We will prepare everything for the painting process because situations like taking a break in the middle of the work to run to the hardware shop for more supplies are unwanted. When the real painting starts we always start from the highest area to the lowest. Our starting point is the ceiling because this will prevent ruining the freshly painted walls. Saving the trim for the end and painting them with a brush will give the perfect look that you want. Do not hesitate to call (907) 488-9540.

Do you need a professional painting service provider in Fairbanks, AK? Are you demanding and meticulous when it comes to results, costs, and performance? If you are exactly like this, Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall is your painting contractor for the job. The painters working for us are the most skilled and have lots of experience  They will create the most amazing painting and drywall you can ever imagine. There is no better painting contractor in the city of Fairbanks, AK than us. This is a guarantee we have been able to prove for decades now.

We are the leading painting service provider in the area of Fairbanks, AK and that is proven. For more than 30 years our painters have been keeping the interior and exterior walls and ceilings of commercial offices and houses in great condition. With each passing year, Hollenbeck Painting & Drywall is able to improve its standing and propel itself to the top of our respective market. What’s our secret? Our library of knowledge and extensive prowess in painting decorations and walls are the secret to our success. We further reinforce this with a select team of expert painters and the most cutting edge technology available today.

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